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Anemoi Technologies brings higher profitability and customer loyalty to partner organisations through disruptions made possible by emerging automation technologies and digital transformations.

Our Services

Successful service delivery through the cutting edge technologies happen only when the required digital transformations are in place within an organisation. We help our clients in this aspect with our digital services
Infrastructure Management Solution
Your IT resources need to be free of the tasks of maintaining infrastructure and data centers to focus more on innovative application developments that enrich customer experience.
Cloud Management
Free up resources for innovation and growth with our round the clock managed hosting services.
Managed Services
Through our IT managed services, we move companies from people dependency to process dependency.
Stay afloat and fly higher in the volatile global market.
We strive to enhance overall productivity, employee growth and customer experience through technologies and services that suit this age of information and automation.
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What have we been up to?

RADA 2: Hospitality Reimagined
RADA is a technologically advanced “companion” robot that exhibit human-like care and compassion to enhance individual wellness and quality of life.
Edu Robo: Teaching Reimagined
This robot tends to be educational, creative as well as simple. These are designed so as to help in educating your kids. They are also teaching tools which present fresh ways that one can play and also learn, which allow children to employ their imagination and help make kids better problem solvers in interconnected environments through play-based learning
Aviation Robots: Air Travel Reimagined
An AI-enabled robot designed to work with people in everyday environments. The company’s autonomous robot can be left alone to perform time-consuming logistical tasks at airports like boarding announcements and food delivery. Capable of navigating hallways and other tight spaces, this is even imbued with “social intelligence” that’s conveyed through its eye movements.

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