Anemoi's Contract Lifecycle Management Software
ACLM software is a proactive& methodical contract management software, which manages a contract from initiation through award, compliance and renewal. Implementing Anemoi’s CLM can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency.
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ACLM features include
At times, we miss the important contracts due to lack of proper record keeping and reminders. Here, we get into actual working for the contract management lifecycle
Contract Request
o Standardized Contract Template libraries for Airline
o Ability to use Company prescribed or Vendor prescribed Contract templates for agreements
o Ability to modify existing contract agreement request
o Rule based, alerts and escalation levels.
Contract Drafting
o Dedicated Contract Workspace to draft, manage, track and manage revisions from a single screen.
o Microsoft Plugin
o Clause libraries with preapproved clauses
o Draft version control and management
o Task assignment to users for information data requirements with alerts and reminders
Contract Negotiation
o Secure Cloud based access.
o Complete Communication log
o Email integration
Contract Execution
o Dynamic and unique Workflows to review and approve contract
o Provision of Parallel and sequential workflow levels with auto – reminders and notifications
o Email Integration
Obligation Management
o Auto Extraction of Key Obligations and Critical Events of a contract
o Assignment of obligations and events for proactive monitoring
o Document Management and Tracking related to key Obligations
o Alerts and Notifications for key obligations and events
o Alerts and Notifications for Contract Expiry & Renewals
Mobile App Integration
o Customized Mobile App integrated with ACLM
o Review and approval on the go
o Search and view complete Contract information on the go with terms, versions and review history
Litigation Management
o Central repository for Litigation, Ombudsman and Legal Cases
o Litigation Master Repository with configurable fields and option to link litigations to existing Contracts in the system
o Task Assignments and status update against Case or hearings
o Managing Litigation Expenses
o Upload Case Artifacts and evidences
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