Network Operation Center (NoC)
Our NOC services provide end-to-end management, including 24 x 7 x 365 surveillance, fault identification, alarm handling, and triage capability. Our technical engineers can also provide troubleshooting remediations.
It is a single point of contact which makes communication easier and more efficient monitoring of infrastructure availability and performance around the clock. Early detection of any potential threats with 100% uptime maintenance with no additional costs associated with training and certifications of employees.
We also provide multiple management functions, including:
> 24-hour surveillance
> End-to-end case and fault management
> Fault identification and alarm handling
> Fault triage, isolation, troubleshooting, and resolution
> Supervision of planned outages
> Working along with field technicians during fault scenarios
Comprehensive control of the IT environment, allowing you to make strategic decisions Increased security for your IT environment with Full monthly and quarterly reports on the reliability and stability of your IT system and infrastructure.

NOC Network Team is responsible for carrying out monitoring operations, computer networks and equipment in data centers and other organizations from a centralized location. They ensure the core network is stable by configuring hardware in a way that makes the network more secure. The network operations center is the focal point for network troubleshooting, software distribution and updating, routers and domain name management, performance monitoring, and coordination with affiliated network.


NOC Security Team is the defense of digital information and IT assets against internal and external, malicious and accidental threats. This defense includes detection, prevention and response to threats through the use of security policies, software tools and IT services. More granularly, we are responsible for protecting IT infrastructure, edge devices, networks, and data and preventing data breaches and monitoring and reacting to attacks.


NOC Cloud Team combines infrastructure, operations, governance, any remaining data center operations, architects, security, storage, networking into an ecosystem that helps build and maintain the virtualized platform. The ultimate goal is to design, deploy, operate, and modify cloud infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner on a combination of cloud providers such as AWS ,GCP & Azure.


NOC Server Team monitors servers for any critical issue like Disk utilization, Memory utilization, CPU utilization, Load Average, Latency etc using specific tools. We provide timely response to all incidents, outages and performance alerts. Server Team recognizes, identifies and prioritizes incidents in accordance with customer business requirements.


NOC Application Team use APM Tool to check the performance,availability and end user experience of the applications. We also monitor the load time i.e. transaction per second,requests per second,pages per second and response time, etc. Multiple transactions such as login page,landing page,signout page,etc. are some of the transactions which are monitored using scripting.


Database Monitoring Services help you to monitor the performance of databases and provide extensive information so that necessary steps can be taken before a break down of vital business processes occurs. Organization rely on intuitive database monitoring for optimal performance of their business-critical applications. DB  Monitoring offers deep visibility into the key performance indicators of databases to make sure admins understand the status of their database performance at any given time, tune their databases based on the received insights, and detect any database anomaly before users get affected. Monitor database attributes that are critical to our business operations and visualize them on a custom dashboard.