PTS - Precision Time Scheduling

Precision Time Scheduling (PTS) is a state of Art app which helps the Ground Operation Staff (Airport Manager, Duty Manager & Supervisor) in tracking and improving performance of activities between landing and flying of a passenger Aircraft. By using this mobile application and its desktop version, Airport Manager, Duty Manager and Supervisor can track all activities on Real Time basis and hence make sure that the flight takes off on time and any potential delay can be handled well in advance.

As per the Airlines.Org, per minute direct cost of delay for an airline is US $62.55/Minute. If we include indirect cost like cost of ground staff etc., this cost jumps to US $ 100/Minute. Five-minute delay in getting the aircraft ready for flying normally means a 50-minute delay in flying, which is an additional cost of approx. US $5000/Flight. Precision Time Scheduling (PTS) App helps in reducing this cost, which is just one aspect. it helps the airline in finding the actual cause of delay and hence taking corrective actions, to make sure that such delays don't happen in future.