We Create and Commercialize Robots

We develop, produce and sell professional service robots primarily in hospitality, healthcare and education sectors.
A revolution in hospitality
We believe our robots will revolutionise food and package deliveries, offering people convenient new services that improve everyday life. Our proven ability to harness technology combined with our experience providing services to hospitality make this a reality.


Anemoi Robots

Anemoi Robot is an award-winning mobile robot to hospitality industry. The mobile robot designed for providing friendly and effective customer service to all guests. Our robot’s small footprint, long reach, and vision system enable it to deliver food, interact, greet people and route guide throughout your facility.


Carried with multiple sensors, our robot could be autonomously positioned in the environment.

Through the deep optimization of the obstacle avoidance algorithm, it can perceive the real time environmental changes around it, bypass the obstacles and select the best possible route to reach the destination.

3D + 2D

Up to 1 meter / sec

Auto Docking
Once time set, auto back the charging pile, super long standby time up to 12 hours embedded with lithium battery.
Automatic Delivery
Precise navigation to deliver dishes to designated points with enhanced stability
Trackless Navigation
High Precision indoor navigation, reasonably select the best possible route.
Face Recognition
Collect ID information through automatically detecting and recognizing faces by vision system.


Automatic Meal Delivery
The Food Delivery Robot lets customers make their order using a touchscreen at their table and receive their food as soon as it’s ready. Customers will love seeing their food smoothly travel and come to a stop at their table in the same presentable condition it left the kitchen in. Having an exclusive lane to deliver fresh food will reduce the time customers spend waiting for food and making each moment memorable for your customer.
Reception Service Robot
This is a service robot designed for improving the customer experience. It can greet customers, provide assistance, serve as a data analysis platform and more, offering a whole range of comprehensive and invaluable functions. It inform your visitors about your company's latest news or products, it can display video, receive a payment, etc.
Education Assistance
Students with special requirements are reaching new levels of learning through the use of robotics in the classroom. With these technologies children with autism are learning communication and social skills and students with developmental issues and attention disorders are learning focus. Individuals with severe physical disabilities are also offered a constant companion and health monitoring system - all through the use of robotics. Robots can be programmed to suit each individual child's need, offering special education in a much simpler, accessible format.
Security Guard Robot
These are indoor autonomous security robots which are essentially supplementary devices, meant to compensate for a lack of personnel, to spot trouble and call the police. Our goal is to combine the best parts of machines (unwavering attention, perfect recall, & super-human sensing) with the best aspects of people (warmth, responsiveness, and adaptability) to create service robots that dramatically improve the quality of life for everyone.