Anemoi is an innovative IT company that helps businesses stay afloat and fly higher in the volatile global market.
We strive to enhance overall productivity, employee growth and customer experience through technologies and services that suit this age of information and automation.
Anemoi’s main focus is on


Our mission is to solve real world challenges by harnessing the power of technology. We will pursue innovation focused on simplifying lives providing competitive advantage to our clients as the real world and IT world converges.
We started from New York in the year 2015 with the concept of working with airline companies and developing niche products which can be patented internationally. Our US office is based out of seattle. The Indian office began its operations in the year 2017 from Gurgaon.
More than just a vendor
We take an active role in ensuring that our clients reap the complete benefits of our disruptive offerings, because we consider ourselves a partner in our clients' growth and success.

Active Partner

Comprehensive consultations to help our clients with industry benchmarking
Change management and training services to ease the transitions
Tech support services to always keep the business running
Ongoing improvement services to identify additional opportunities

Anemoi Values

Customer First
Integrity & Transparency
Leadership by Example